General description of the scenes:

In each scene align your body so its position matches the position of a virtual avatar body. In scenes 1 and 4 you will be steering the avatar hand using a computer mouse. You will need around 0.5m2 of empty desk space for these scenes.
To experience the illusion in scene 3 you will need a second person, who will assist you with the experiment.

Each scene can be launched from the main menu by directing your gaze at a button. Scenes can also be launched directly from the keyboard by pressing the scene number.

If you need to calibrate the virtual camera after the scene is loaded, look straight and press space. In the scenes with mouse control, this will also recalibrate the mouse controller - stretch your arm, keep it on the mouse and press space.

After each scene is loaded, you will have some time to look around and align your body before the experiment begins. You will also see a short virtual instruction. When you are ready look at the button under the instruction, or press “m” on the keyboard.When you finish the experiment and want to move on to the next scene, direct your look at the ;next scene” button, or press “l” on the keyboard.

Instructions for all scenes:

Scene 1: Elongated limbs.

Sit down in front of the desk with enough free space on the desk so you can stretch your right hand and move it left/right about 20-30 cm. Place your hand on the computer mouse and start the experiment.
You will see white spheres in front of you. After you collect them, your virtual arm will begin to elongate. Try to feel how this influences your experience of the body, of your physical arm and hand. You can also ask another person to gently pull your physical hand while the virtual hand is elongating. Observe the difference in the strength of the illusion when you do the experiment with the help of another person.
Scene 2: Shrinking body.
Sit on a chair, and align your body position with the position of the virtual avatar body. Look around, and then start the experiment. When your virtual body begins to shrink look to the left. Observe how your perception of the room changes with the size of your virtual body. How it influences your perception of the other virtual body sitting on your left?

Scene 3: Being touched.

You will need a second person to run this experiment. Before starting the experiment, prepare several objects with various textures and shapes (e.g. sponge, spoon, pencil). Sit on a chair and pull up the sleeve of your right arm. Align your body position (especially your right arm) with the position of the virtual body. Start the experiment and look at the avatar's right hand. The second person should touch your right hand in synchrony with the virtual touch seen on the screen. Try being touched by various objects. How does the touch feel? Does it feel like being touched by a hand, or a sponge, or a spoon? Observe how vision influences your tactile experience. Also observe how feeling the touch and seeing it on a virtual hand changes your perception of that virtual hand. Does the virtual hand begin to feel that it is in some way “yours”?

Scene 4: Out of body experience.
As in Experiment 1, you will be navigating the avatar's hand using movements of a computer mouse. Your task is to collect white spheres in front of you. After a while, your point of view will suddenly shift outside of your virtual body. Continue collecting the spheres while the virtual perspective is orbiting around your avatar. Observe how difficult it is to perform precise movements while the visual perspective is moving.

Scene 5: Third hand.
For this scene you will need a movement controller. Currently only Razer Hydra is supported.
Contact us if you would like to obtain a movement controller version of the software.
Scene 6: Navigating two bodies.

For this scene you will need a movement controller. Currently only Razer Hydra is supported.
Contact us if you would like to obtain a movement controller version of the software.